Council Tree Covenant Church Garden - The Love Story

We get to partner with one of the most incredible gardens in Fort Collins! The hard work that Dan Dierenfield has invested into these grounds has cultivated such a wonderful space. We are so blessed to be part of the mission to be, grow and connect!  

As a community partner, this location serves as our backdrop for our day exploring God's love and design in creation. We also wrap up our week back in the garden to symbolize our partnership with God in the restoration and renewal of ALL things as we enter into His Kingdom!

Check out our garden location

Town and Country Stables - Sustained by Love

Town and County Stables is home to none other than The Magical Unicorn - Miss Nelly! This property has such a rich history and it is a gift to our participants to be part of the lasting legacy! 

Northern Colorado Feeders Supply


Our "feed store" is Northern Colorado Feeders Supply Company! Here at NoCo Feeders we have the amazing opportunity to help make different feeds for animals. We learn about the importance of nutrition and animal stewardship. This is one of the favorite locations for a lot of our participants because we get to love so many animals during our time at the feed store. The deeper spiritual realities that we engage at the Feed Store also include God's intentionality in His design. We explore the similariteis and differences in different animals, and how to care best for them. Our main point is God's Provision and His greatest act of provision, Jesus: our way back to right relationship with Him.

Smoke Stack Pottery- Praise Prayer and Promises

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