2 Weeks!

Hi all! Camp begins in two weeks from TODAY! Grasping that this morning caused some serious excitement and DEEP expectancy!

Week one is going to be a powerful time and I am so excited for the lives and stories He is bringing and how He has already been speaking into what He wants me to share with them! Here is just a glimpse of what we will be focusing on for this week:

This week the Lord is really impressing on my heart the power in Dominion's breath! WOW! The fact that He spoke, breath through lungs, out, into powerful words that caused all chaos to become obedient to order! And we have HIS breath in our lungs! I MEAN IF THAT DOESN'T CAUSE YOU TO GASP WITH WONDER AND AWE...! BAH!

Ruach- which is "breath" in Hebrew is synonymous with Spirit, so to be a living being means we have been filled with Dominions BREATH His SPIRIT. WOW! There is power in our words and in our breath! CANT WAIT! This week He has spoken that He is working on breaking off the lies of the enemy that their (the participant's) voices aren't heard, and don't matter. He also wants to loose the chains of anxiety, depression and isolation! BIG things for week! We will be talking about names, their meaning, and speaking life. As I was looking up their names, there was such beauty in each name. Whenever someone calls their name, speaks it, with Dominion's breath, we are DECLARING THESE BEAUTIFUL THINGS OVER THEM, calling it out from within them!! WOW!

Can you believe His breath is still present in THIS! WOW! He is speaking even this beauty into motion.

Being year 5, I am beginning to see the sprouts coming up from the ground, in the spiritual sense. This year we have so much help, so much support, and a LOT on the horizon that will need MORE investment from our community! I will continue to share more about what all is happening. This just felt appropriate to share on our BLOG (how is this happening)!

Early Registration for week one ends TODAY! SO HURRY! If week one is the best week for your schedule this summer, please register today to receive the discount! You are welcome to register at anytime for any of the weeks, but the incentive of the discount expires two weeks prior to each session. Register by clicking on the link below:



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