Here is what participants and parents have to say about Expanding Horizons Farm!

"My son loved going to Expanding Horizons Farm. He was always greeted warmly by Emma and the staff. There was clearly a lot of thought and preparation that went into creating the theme and lessons that were taught each week of the camp. I loved that my child was learning about God and His creation outside among the animals and the garden. It truly was a hands on learning experience..."


-Elizabeth Mathey, mother of EHF participant, 2016.

"My children have participated in Expanding Horizons Farm camp for two years running. As a Christian parent I can sometimes get stuck biblically with application. It's all well and good to learn the ways of our Lord and teach our children right from wrong, but I think the bigger question in today's world is how do we decide to APPLY all that knowledge?


Emma's camp curriculum does a wonderful job of interpreting God's word through the lens of our environment, the creatures that inhabit it, and the stewardship that God asks of us. The curriculum is hands-on, fun, biblical and best of all there are real critters to love on, care for, and use as living lessons regarding God's word.

As far as camps go, that's a home run for me! Thank you Emma and your team for providing my little ones with unforgettable camp experiences AND reinforcing the lessons I try to teach at home in bigger, better, and furrier ways than I ever could!"


-Julie Reed, mother of EHF participants, 2016.

"This camp is always so much fun! Even when we are hot and sticky in the summer heat, Emma makes it ok with water balloon fights! It's super cool to learn about God and about His plans for us and His animals while you are actually taking care of them. I think any kid would be lucky to go to Emma's camp.

It's the best!"

-Lola, participant, 2016.


"My kids and I can not say enough great things about Expanding Horizons!  It has been so much fun and at the same time they have learned about Jesus and His kingdom through nature and life on the farm. Emma’s passion is so tangible that it catches like wild fire through the kids and even onto the parents. She has such an apparent love for Jesus and children. I feel so confident in my boy’s growth and care as they are with her and others on the farm. My boys were so excited to learn about the fruits of the Spirit when Emma brought in real fruit for each gift. They have remembered this lesson vividly and have talked about it with us many times. This has been such a highlight of their summer and we will continue to come back every year."


-Valerie Carter, mother of EHF participants, 2016.

"I went to Expanding Horizons Farm camp for one year and then I helped Emma as a teacher. I loved coming to camp in both ways. As a camper it was fun to do 'God stuff' outside instead of just at church. I also loved having real animals and chores to take care of while we learned about God. I think learning is always better when you have examples of things and this camp gives kids that. My favorite part was singing and taking care of animals. I love Emma and her camp a lot."


-John, participant, 2016.

"Expanding Horizons Farm has impacted my son's life in such a great way. He had fun while learning truths from God's word. One day Luke learned how to care for horses and creative ways to care for the things that he has been given. On that same day he was reminded who he was rooted in and what that means for his life. I would come to pick him up and find them worshiping and praising God.

There are many different summer programs in Fort Collins but not many compare to Expanding Horizons. It isn't just another thing to keep him busy. This is life changing. Each activity plants a seed that is daily watered and at the end of the week you see the growth in your child.

Luke loved this so much, he went again to the last session and was just blown away at the difference and unique things he learned that week as well. Expanding Horizons Farm is something that you want your child to experience. I am grateful for Emma's heart and the creative way she shepherds our children."

-San Burch, mother of EHF participant, 2016.

"My son Gideon attended the Expanding Horizons Farm camp last year and loved it! The lessons about God, livestock care, farming and sustainability were so informative and fun. More than that, Emma’s testimony and thoughts as she did chores with the kids impacted my son in a huge way. I saw a huge leap in his character and spiritual development from only one week with Emma! The words “thank you” became a permanent and frequent part of his vocabulary (and were accompanied by a grateful heart). He also became more devoted to spending a portion of each day praying and “hanging out" with God. These changes have followed him through the school year and I’m excited to see how he how he'll grow this summer. I am so, so thankful for Expanding Horizons and Emma!"

-Kelly Baugh, mother of EHF participant, 2016

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